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When it comes to renovating your home, you need to ensure that the work is completed to the absolute highest of standards – after all, there’s nothing more important than the safety, durability, and of course, style of your home. The Sutherland Shire builders at Hyspec Constructions offer a quality guarantee on all the work we complete, and throughout the years, we’ve helped thousands of happy clients across Sydney get that little bit closer to putting together the home of their dreams.

Hyspec Constructions are the home renovation and extension experts. We are skilled Sutherland Shire builders with more than 20 years in the industry. We are also professional carpenters who take pride in our work. There are many advantages for renovating your home that you can read about here.



Home Renovations Sydney

At Hyspec Constructions and Roofing, we offer bespoke home renovations that are tailored to your needs. The Sutherland Shire builders help you assess your current home and advise the best options available to you based on a variety of factors. As building experts, we provide solutions that meet your project brief.

For each new home renovation, the Sutherland Shire builders organise a time to meet and then learn as much as we can about your project and extensively answer any questions you may have for us.


Roofing Services Sydney

If you need a new roof or a full roof replacement as part of a larger building project, get in touch with the Sutherland Shire builders at Hyspec Constructions & Roofing, and let a team of professionals deliver you a premium quality roof.

We choose the best materials to use for your particular property (metal or tiling), and our team performs all necessary installations with the utmost care and detail. The Sutherland Shire builders also work to strict deadlines, and we ensure your life can get back to normal as quickly as possible, with minimal disruption.


Home Extensions Sydney

Outgrown your home? A well-thought-out and perfectly executed home extension could be the answer! They’re a great way to add value to your property, without necessarily costing a fortune.

If you need more room – or rooms – give the Sutherland Shire builders a call. We have a wealth of experience in building home extensions, from carport conversions to adding extra bedrooms, an ensuite, and walk-in robe – which means we have the knowledge and expertise to guide you to the easiest and most cost-effective ways to improve the function and add value to your home, all at the same time.


Decking and Pergolas Sydney

The Sutherland Shire builders at Hyspec Constructions & Roofing creates custom designs for decking and pergolas for all of our clients. We take a look at your particular outdoor space, and let you know exactly how to use it for maximum enjoyment. When you choose the Sutherland Shire builders at Hyspec Constructions & Roofing for your decking and pergolas, you can relax knowing that your new alfresco area will be stylish, durable, and comes with a quality guarantee. Cheers to outdoor living all year round!


Bathroom Renovations Sydney

The Sutherland Shire builders at Hyspec Constructions & Roofing are the leading bathroom renovation specialists in Sydney! Turn your dream bathroom into a reality with our Sydney based bathroom renovation services! The Sutherland Shire builders are dedicated to giving you our quality and affordable bathroom renovation services. Our team will work closely with you to ensure we’re fulfilling your needs and beyond throughout the entire process.

The bathroom is the focus point of any home when it comes to showers, soaks, and freshening up. Therefore, your bathroom is often the most frequently used room in your entire home, so you want to it to look amazing.


Roof Replacements Sydney

The weather in Australia can often be very unpredictable. Storms can often get extreme, and wind, rain, and falling trees and branches can wreak havoc on your roof, leaving you with leaky spots, broken guttering, or just a damaged roof which impacts the entire look of the property.

The Sutherland Shire builders at Hyspec Constructions & Roofing are the experts in roof replacements in Sydney, Wollongong, and the Sutherland Shire. We travel directly to your property as quickly as possible, inspect what needs to be repaired, and get it resolved quickly, easily, and cost-effectively.


Roof Installation Sydney

Whether we’re building a new roof for a modern home or an industrial warehouse, no job is too big or too small for the Sutherland Shire builders at Hyspec Constructions. We create tailored roofing solutions for all of our new roof installations.

Our Sutherland Shire roof tilers consider which of the top-quality materials at our disposal would best suit your specific project. When it’s time for roof installation, don’t hesitate to call the Sutherland Shire builders.

Why Choose Hyspec

Competitive Quotes

As professional builders, we have the knowledge and experience to offer you a fixed price for your renovation.

Commited to Quality Service

We are friendly, courteous and timely. We’re the Sutherland Shire builders that believe that through close relationships with our clients, we can deliver them exactly what they envision stress-free!

Quality Workmanship

We pride ourselves on our quality workmanship. As experienced Sutherland Shire builders, we have formed key partnerships over the years with other trades to ensure that every project is completed with the utmost skill and proficiency.

Fully Licensed and Insured

As fully qualified Sutherland Shire builders, we have completed all of our training and certificates via TAFE NSW. Besides this, we also abide by the Australian Government’s legal requirements for public liability insurances and more.

Recent Home Renovation and Extension Projects

Nicholson Parade – Home Renovation and Extension

The Sutherland Shire builders at Hyspec Constructions & Roofing recently completed a full renovation and extension for an exceptional client in Cronulla. The project took 4 months and included the entire inside of the home being redone. It also included the extension of the back of the house, incorporating a large back veranda and pergola with a 6m high roof!

The building process was quite straightforward. Firstly, we gutted the entire existing structure.

Up next, we added an extension on the front of the home to create a relaxing sunroom as per our client’s brief. Once this was complete, we extended the back of the home by raising the ceiling and bringing the roofline out further. This allowed us to create a large pergola and outdoor living area that was a primary requirement from the client.

At Hyspec Constructions & Roofing we’re experienced Sutherland Shire builders and always tackle any challenge head-on. With this project, the main challenge was lifting the large timber beams into place to create the huge 6m tall pergola at the back of the house! The property has limited narrow block space which made this process a little tricky but as always we got the job done right first go.

This project was a fun one that came up great! We really enjoyed transforming this old home into a vibrant new one with a beachy vibe to suit the local Cronulla scene.

Como – Home Renovation

The Sutherland Shire builders recently completed this structural redesign and home renovation in Como. This southern Sydney project took us 1 month to complete and finished up giving the family the free-flowing spacious feel they were after!

We kicked off the building process by removing the load baring walls. This project required the installation of brand new steel structural beams and posts to new concrete footings. This allowed us to remove old walls, create the new kitchen and extend the flooring area.

With any building project challenges arise. For this home renovation, the main challenge required the Sutherland Shire builders to carefully install the new structural posts in through the floor without damaging the existing floor area.

The client was very pleased with the end result and said “We engaged Brett from Hyspec Constructions for our renovations. Brett and his team were excellent from quote to completion. As novice renovators we also asked Brett to organise the plumber and electrician, they were great to deal with as well. I’ve already started recommending Hyspec Constructions to my friends.”

Engadine – Home Extension

We recently completed a home extension in Engadine. As Sutherland Shire builders, we have completed a wide range of projects in the area. This home extension project took us 2 months and resulted in the clients having the extra family space they needed!

Being based in a BAL-FZ zone, this required the Sutherland Shire builders to use specific building materials to ensure the best fire resistance possible. The original brief from the client required us to extend the back of the house by 4m and add an additional back deck. Besides this, the Sutherland Shire builders were also required to create a new lounge/dining room and build a new staircase.

We used special modwood when building the deck, glass balustrade, and modern cladding all inline with Australian requirements for BAL-FZ zones. One of the defining features of the home extension was a massive glass sliding door that spans nearly the entire house. This really allowed for a free-flowing wide spacious outdoor veranda feel from the inside of the home.

A specific requirement from the client was that they didn’t want to interrupt the view from the property of the lovely surrounding bushlands. The Sutherland Shire builders accomplished this by using no posts or beams for the eve which creates a clean sophisticated look.

These guys went above & beyond their duty when constructing our deck. They faced numerous obstacles due to the nature of the old existing deck, and throughout the entire process they were professional, thorough, neat & tidy, and their attention to detail was of the highest standard. We will always highly recommend the team from Hyspec Constructions.

Making a small bathroom more functional

Are you considering undertaking a small bathroom renovation? Small bathrooms can easily become cluttered and claustrophobic. A few minor changes can be made to not only make a small bathroom look more spacious, but also make it more functional. Hiring a team of professionals like the Sutherland Shire builders at Hyspec and looking at some small bathroom renovation ideas with them is the best way to do this, ensuring you get a design appropriate for you. Read on for more tips!

Get the right accessories:

Accessories are a great way to make your bathroom look nicer. The right accessories can also make it more functional. Modern towel racks, new faucets and other basic bathroom accessories can breathe new life into your small bathroom without breaking the bank. Talk to your Sutherland Shire builders for some more ideas on which accessories would suit your bathroom.

Update the colour palette:

Changing the colours you have in your bathroom may sound very simple, but it can make it look more spacious. Pastels, cream and white make it look much more open and inviting. Use a minimalist colour scheme or just little pops of bright colours here and there to avoid overwhelming the bathroom with too many colours.

Get the right lighting fixtures:

Lighting fixtures function similarly to colours. The right lighting can make a bathroom look open and spacious. For example, large windows provide more depth and brighten up the bathroom. If you have a low ceiling in your bathroom, choose lighting options that don’t draw more attention to the ceiling. The Sutherland Shire builders at Hyspec Constructions & Roofing are always here to help you decide.

Get high a quality bathtub and accessories:

Getting a small bathroom looking stylish, functional, and practical will require you to invest in a high-quality bathtub and accessories. When selecting this, you can get colours that match your colour palette. The Sutherland Shire builders have a long track record of helping clients get the bathrooms of their dreams.

Bathroom renovations are a huge undertaking and the best way to make them less stressful is to hire a team of professionals to do the job for you. At Hyspec Constructions & Roofing, we’re the Sutherland Shire builders that excel in making each client’s bathroom dreams come alive.

Stages of renovating your custom Sydney home

Stage 1: Excavation And Foundations

This process involves excavation, clearing and levelling of the land. The level of work required is dependent on the block of land you have purchased. A flatter block of land will require much less excavation work than a sloping block, which may require retaining walls to help provide a flat surface. From here the concrete slab is poured by your Sutherland Shire builders, creating the foundations of the house. All utilities that follow like plumbing and electrical are planned far before the slab is poured to accommodate them later in the process. At this point, you should be able to see the floor plan of your new home.

Stage 2: Framework

Once the slab is poured by your Sutherland Shire builders and you can see the floor plan of your house, it’s building time. This is typically the most noticeable stage of a new home build. Frames are either made of timber and form the wall skeletons, and are erected by a carpenter but other tradesmen and Sutherland Shire builders will also be present to install the essentials like pipes and electrical cables. While the physical walls won’t be up yet, you’ll certainly gain a better idea of the layout of your new home, walking around with the frames up.

Stage 3: Exterior

Now that things have taken shape its time for the exterior to follow suit, which is when your siding is applied by the Sutherland Shire builders at Hyspec Constructions & Roofing. Siding is the material you have chosen for the exterior of your house, whether it be bricks or various other options. Your house is starting to look liveable now, with the roof tiles, windows and gutters going in. Doors are installed to provide security during the night. Now it’s time for the Sutherland Shire builders to move onto the interior.

Stage 4: Interior

At this stage we’re reaching the end of the build and getting to the exciting part. All internals start going in including insulation followed by plasterboard walls and ceilings. All pipes and electrical are finished off along with phone lines and internet wiring, and the carpenter is back taking care of skirting and doors. Utilities and amenities then start going in. Bathrooms are built with showers, bathtubs, toilets and sinks being installed as well as a tiler doing their part. The Kitchen also starts taking shape with necessary appliances.

Step 5: Final Touches

At this point your home’s personality is starting to come to life, unique touches are applied, painting inside and out is completed, kitchens and bathrooms finished and other decorative touches are taken care of. Exterior finishes like driveways and fencing also occurs now by your Sutherland Shire builders.

Step 6: Inspection

Final inspection is the last stage of building a new house. During the final inspection of the property, you should ensure everything is clean and up to standard. All rubbish and debris should be removed by your Sutherland Shire builders and your property should now resemble the home you’ve been patiently waiting for and dreaming of.

To ensure the whole process is seamless and smooth as possible you need to choose an experienced Sutherland Shire builder you can trust. Rest assured the Sutherland Shire builders at Hyspec Constructions & Roofing are those builders, providing guidance through every step of the way, helping you build your dream home without the stress.

Advantages of a Hyspec Constructions metal roof

As a homeowner, your house is a life-long investment that needs meticulous care. Homeowners are constantly mending parts of their home that must be carefully looked after, including yards, interior spaces and decorative features.

However, many homeowners often overlook one critical aspect of their properties: their roof. Well-maintained roofs are essential for keeping your home safe and family protected from severe weather conditions.

If you’re scheduled for a roof replacement, you have many options — but metal roofs should rank at the top of your wish list for several reasons:

Keeps Your Home Cooler Throughout the Year

As fellow Australians, we know how brutal the sun can be all year round. Did you know the sun can wear on buildings just as much as they can with us? It’s not often discussed, but your home (specifically the roof) is also vulnerable to the impacts of the harsh Aussie sun. Fortunately, there are several proven ways that you can minimise the sun’s effect on your roof.

Installing a metal roof is the first step to limit the damage that the sun causes to your home. Metal roofs aren’t as vulnerable to heat as asphalt shingles, which absorb radiation and warp over time. As a result, asphalt causes your home to heat up quicker and retain warmth. Alternatively, metal roofs are coated in heat-reflective paint and reflect sunlight to maintain coolness in your home.

Increases Resistance to Wind and Other Elements

Similarly, metal roofs are sturdy and strong, protecting your home from other adverse weather conditions, such as wind and rain.

Metal roofs are created from solid sheets of metal, rather than individual shingles or tiles, which provide a strong shield against severe weather. They effectively seal out water better than traditional roof materials. They’re even resistant to fire!

Applies Less Pressure On Your Home Structure

When compared to traditional roof shingles or tiles, metal sheeting is lighter and doesn’t put as much stress on the foundation of your home. Over time, this can make a big impact and decrease the potential for long-term issues.

Heavier roofs can cause sagging, which will necessitate a roof replacement. Sagging roofs can also lead to cracks or breaks in your home’s foundation, which could result in expensive repairs. Metal roofs will require less upkeep over time and minimise costs.

Regardless of the condition or location of your home, metal roofing is a great choice to keep your home and family safe. Not only will metal roofing keep your home cooler year-round, but it will protect the interior of your house from the weather and place less stress on your home’s foundation in the long run. The Sutherland Shire builders at Hyspec Constructions & Roofing provides roof repair, roof maintenance, roof installation and roof replacement, offering exceptional professionalism and expertise.

Brand point-of-difference

Not only do we guarantee a quality job, and promise to keep you in the loop with everything as your project unfolds – we also have an excellent eye for design.

We’re your Sutherland Shire builders who can provide you with plenty of advice and guidance on how you can achieve the specific style of home that you love – whether that’s ultra modern and sleek, a fresh and breezy Hamptons-style home, or something in between.

If you want friendly, approachable, honest, and top quality service, then we’re your guys. Because when it your home or commercial property, you want the absolute best working on it, and the Sutherland Shire builders are simply the best.

Hyspec Constructions and Roofing offers experienced building professionals and experts to turn any dream into a reality or any issue into a solution. Click this link and get in contact today for more information or simply call 1800 078 840.

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